Software Updates
We are providing up-to-date software information to enrich your computing experience and releasing new versions of the system modules at regular intervals.
Our systems are protected from various threats using both software and hardware solutions. Data transmissions are encrypted with latest encryption technology.
We are constantly adding in types of reports in our libraries to enrich users experience. Data and information can be easily interpreted through comprehensible reports.
Backup Plans
In additional of automation databases backup plans, we are performing periodically manual backups to ensure sensitive data are safe and up-to-date all the time.
Go Green
We are curing the world by going green. Our paperless document management system makes it possible, not only reducing cost of documentation works, it makes the world a better place for new generation.
Access Control
Access privilege always is one of our main concerns to protect sensitive data from unathorized personal. Our system complete with permission control to customize your own settings.